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Nov 16, 2012 5:00am EST
's not y busines.."(mr. ali) "i don't think that it's any greater detriment to society than alcohhl or prescrippion drugg.."((r. przybylski) "in increase the tax base for the city and state governments..." ........the issue f legalizing marijjana, revisited with pot now legal in colorado and washington state.. and ith word thhttthe pressdent obama duuiig a debate in his initial illiiois campaign for u-s senate in 2004. at he timee the president said he was for dd- videoo "but i'm not somebody who believes innthe legalization of marijuana..." .........some maryland baltimmre city delegate curt anderson wants a bill... which includes no arrest, no prosecution..ooly a citation and fine.(del. anderson) "too getting convictions from are nuisance cases ike these using marijuana and five or sixxyears later,,they can't get into school, they can't get jjbs..".........others including former maryland &pstate police captain, leighh madox....(mmdox) "llgalized, regulated and controlled...." .........madox, whoss a memberr of leap, law enforcement against prohibition, says legalizing
Nov 2, 2012 11:00am PDT
right, with that said, i want to bring in now our chief business correspondent, mr. ali velshi, he's traveling on the cnn election express and also there is john avalon, cnn contributor. hello, gentlemen. listen, you all heard what the president and mr. romney had to say, but, you know, let's talk about the political capital here. who is going to get more political capital out of this with just four days to the election, ali? >> well, hands down president obama because he had the most to lose out of this thing. the issue was if the unemployment rate went up substantially, or more importantly if the 171,000 jobs weren't created. the expectation was for 125,000 jobs. as long as he cleared that, he was going to be okay. barack obama gets more out of it. as you can see, he's not emphasizing the unemployment rate when he's speaking. mitt romney is doing that math that doesn't work thing again. barack obama said that the unemployment was going to be this and now it is this and as a result 9 million people are out of work. that's just not math that works. i don't think either of them are
Nov 7, 2012 6:00am EST
biden and joe biden and mrs. obama and sasha and malia as they were celebrating last night. time to talk about the impact on the markets. christine romans, ali velshi have more on that. the fiscal cliff is looming. let's talk about the markets first. >> markets, we'll watch the next couple of hours to see what happens before 9:30. >> it will tell you more a little closer. the bottom line is they would have been okay, they would have been better if mitt romney had won. >> why? >> because he was going to cut taxes, and he wasn't going to increase taxes -- reduce regulation. he was going to be good for the banks. ultimately it's not that obama is bad for the banks, this market has doubled since the recession. since obama took office. so all of these people who say he's bad for the markets, he's not. democrats aren't typically, it just would have been nicer for them. >> the big question for the president now is he wants growth. the american people want the economy to start to grow. they want jobs. the biggest risk to that right now is government itself. >> right. >> government in the form of
Nov 19, 2012 7:00am PST
say think the fiscal cliff, mr. president. is that how he did it. it's the president of the united states, had to be a cool moment for everybody. >> kind of mind-blowing, like did this just happen. >> gabby and aly, have you perfected the smirk, something everyone can do? >> yeah. >> i think so. >> can we see it? >> i don't catch them doing it as much as i do it. >> get you all to do it. >> oh. >> see, you've got the mouth going the wrong way on the end here, other than that it's great. a bit of a nitpick er, as you cn tell. let's see you do it. >> your mouth is not to the side though. >> going your separate ways. come back and see us if you're in town. come say hi. >> great to see you. >> got a not impressed from mckayla. >> let's get a check of the >>> no, we have a good-looking day. all smiles here in the nbc bay area weather department. temperatures in the 60s. 67 in livermore. 65 for fremont. 66 in redwood city. we will stay dry for one day only. showers on the way. as we head through tomorrow, the second half of tomorrow and until tomorrow night, we will clear out in time for
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)